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On 22nd December four cooking students decided to cook an English dinner for forty people.

First, they decided the menu that consisted of scones as starter, shepherd’s pie as main course and flapjack for dessert.

They started buying all the ingredients to cook and after they went to the kitchen.

They prepared all the ingredients in a cup or in a bowl to organize the preparation.

Everyone had a specific task.

One of them prepared the scones, a little sandwich with cheese.

The girls cooked the meat and the other boy prepared the puree for the shepherd’s pie, a shapeless made by lamb meat with peas and potatoes puree.

After, together, they made the flapjack, a snack with oat flakes, chocolate drops, honey and butter.

It was funny and pleasant.

Scones (12 pieces)

Flour 00 220g

Sugar 5g

Butter 50g

Whole milk 150ml

Yeast 10g

Salt 2g

  • Mix flour, salt, yeast and sugar. Melt the yeast in little water. Add butter and bland it with flour. And than add milk and mix.
  • Let it stand about 15-20 minutes.
  • Extract hoops, about 6,5cm of diameter
  • Brush with eggs and put in the oven for 15 minutes at 200°

Shepherd’s pie (6 people)

Mince lamb 600g/ White onion

Butter 40g/ Bay tree 2 leaves

Broth 800 ml/ Carrots 1

Salt 1g/ Worcestershire sauce 10g

Black pepper a. r.

Celery 2 stalks/ Peas 300g

Thyme a. r./ Oil 30ml

Tomato puree 40ml

Potatoes puree

Potatoes 1kg

Whole milk 200ml

Butter 80g

Black pepper, salt, nut meg as required

  • Cut the onions, the carrots and the celery. Brown off all and add the mince lamb.
  • Add bay tree, thyme, tomatoes, the broth and simmer.
  • Add the peas, salt and pepper. And than the Worcestershire sauce.
  • Cook the potatoes for 30min.
  • Mash them and add all the ingredients.
  • Put the meat in a oven pan and cover it with potatoes puree.
  • Bake for 30 minutes at 200°

Flapjack (36 pieces)

Butter 125g

Golden syrup (or honey) 125g

Chocolate drops 100g

Brown sugar 125g

Salt 1g

Oat flakes 400g

  • Melt sugar, butter and golden syrup together without boiling.
  • Combine oat flakes and chocolate and after add the syrup.
  • Lay down in a baking tray and bake for 30min at 150°
  • Cool down and cut it like a rectangle


Dinner: Domus Familiae Padre Daniela Cooking Brigade

Article: Patrizia and Martina